Wood is the most popular type of fence across America that gives your property a natural and traditional look. Cedar is decay-resistant and is therefore low-maintenance. It can also be easily custom-built according to your preference. Its extreme durability, resistance to insects and ability to withstand the elements make it an excellent choice if you want a fence that will last the lifetime of your home.

Western Red Cedar, with its straight grain and a medium to coarse texture, is a main choice. Another option is the Northern White Cedar. Its grain is usually straight and has a fine, even texture. Its natural luster is moderate. 

When allowed to weather naturally, cedar takes on a silver gray tone or it may be stained as such.


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Here are our samples of Wood fences:

Square Lattice Topped Fence

Custom Cedar Fencing

Lattice Top Fence 6′

Shadow Box

Custom Gate

Stockade Fence

Board on Board Traditional with Capping

4′ Tall Privacy Dog Ear Fence

Wood Fence

Board on Board Traditional

Privacy Cedar

Spaced Cedar Picket

Vertical Fence with Lattice Top

Custom Gate

Wood Scallop

Lattice Top

Horizontal Wood Fence

Horizontal Wood Fence with Decorative Panel

Horizontal Cedar

Wooden Gates

Scallop Top Cedar


Civil War Fence

Drive Gate Steel Frame

Shadow Box Arched Top

Arched Custom Walk Gate


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